Smelling Roses

It is often said, "the more the years go by, the faster life goes." I am finding this to be ever so true these days.

Although it does not feel like it, the distance between my childhood and adulthood grows ever so steadily these days.  Now don't get me wrong, adulthood is wonderful as it comes with many adventures and opportunities. It also comes with a whole lot of busyness. Busyness that I find accelerates the changing of days and years.

So why do I care? Why am I rambling on about all of this??

It is soon to be yet another birthday of mine. Another year is about to pass in my life. I am beyond happy for the people I have been blessed to have in my life, for the places I have been able to visit, for the adventures I have had. As this birthday rapidly sneaks up on me though, I feel the need to intentionally “slow down”. I feel the need to not let day after day pass by too quickly while I'm caught up in busyness.  

Now, if you know me, you probably laughed as you read, “I… desire to “slow down”” – thinking to yourself, “Jeanelle “slowing-down”, yeah right?”. Well, as you suspect, this “slowing down” is not necessarily a physical slowing down, at least not every day. Instead, it is a challenge to appreciate life moments, incorporate thoughtfulness, focus on self care- all things that I know can get neglected when life gets busy. The more we care for ourselves and whats going on around us, the more we spread love. Through these actions, I hope to spread some love to myself and those around me. 

As a birthday challenge, for the next 27 days I will "slow down and smell the roses" :). I will take some time in each day to either relish in life's moments, be thoughtful or focus on self-care.

For my birthday, help me spread love and join me in 27 days of "smelling roses" :). Whatever that looks like to you... spend the afternoon curled up reading a book, take in a yoga class, join a fitness class, cook an amazing healthy dinner, get a massage, go to sleep, do something nice for someone... over the next 27 days, slow down with me and smell some roses. Can't wait to spread love and watch all of you do the same.

#27days #smellingroses