To guide you to become fit.strong.anchored
To train you to build a firm foundation in your fitness
To help you establish and exceed your health and fitness goals.  
To motivate you to become your fittest, happiest, healthiest you!
To anchor you with others through fun, challenging, motivating workouts! 


Jeanelle Hazlett

Head coach and Trainer of Anchored Fitness. Registered Nurse by trade. I founded Anchored Fitness in 2015 to express my crazy love for getting outside, meeting amazing people and getting sweaty. There is nothing I love more than helping people pursue an active life filled with happiness and health. My favourite way to sweat is on the trails and on long runs. I have competed in many road and trail races, over a dozen half marathons in multiple countries, and multiple longer distance trail races throughout North America, bagging a Boston Qualifier on my first marathon and finishing within top 10 female in every trail race. 

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"I am driven to help you exceed your fitness potential! My biggest wish for you is that you fall in love with sweating, conquering goals and being anchored!"

Jeanelle Hazlett | PT